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ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a global manufacturer of automotive technology. In motorsport, especially known for their wide variety of specialty race clutches, ZF and ZF-Sachs are key suppliers in the world of motorsport.

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In the motorsport application lightweight full carbon clutches, as are commonly used in Formula style cars, and sintered clutches for most other series, are the main products for the racetrack. A fast, reliable and, in terms of product life, sustainable start from the grid is very important for every team and driver alike. Therefore ZF has engineered the RCS - The ZF Modular Racing Clutch System. Available in different sizing and materials (Carbon, Sinter, Sinter-Pad and Organic), the RCS for many Teams is the go-to option.

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But the ZF Performance-series clutches are made for street and track use as well. With a wide variety of vehicles in their catalog most mechanics will find a solution for their specialty needs. 100% Performance with added drivability is the Focus for ZF when engineering a Performance-Series Clutch. That is why many of the clutches are radially sprung with rigid clutches being available too.



BSA is proud to be the official partner of ZF Race Engineering. For years BSA provides the racing teams with extensive knowledge for their needs. Additionally, BSA personnel are trained at the ZF factory and are authorized to revise any ZF race clutch.

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In the motorsport application full carbon clutches, as are commonly used in Formula style cars, and sinter clutches, for every other series, are the main products for the racetracks. While the carbon clutches are very light, they also can also be damaged easily, if the pilot is not careful at the start of the race. However, the direct engagement and high temperature resistance are much sought after qualities in many motorsport applications.

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