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Every car needs connectors for hoses and lines. For the highest standard and safety, Stäubli is on top of every list.

Providing all sorts of automotive equipment, in motorsport Stäubli is renown for connections of hydraulic circuits (including braking circuit, brake bleeding etc), refuelling systems, connections of electrical circuits and lifting systems. All of them being applications which require a high degree of reliability.

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Motorsport and F1

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Motorsport is a fast-moving sector in which innovation and performance are the key to success. As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry and a responsive motorsport expert for more than 20 years, Stäubli provides specifically designed products responding to the needs of all motorsport categories, including: Formula 1, World Endurance Challenge, GT racing, rallying, motorcycle racing, and more recently Formula E.

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Under all Conditions

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Stäubli solutions ensure total safety of technicians and the environment. Their connectors provide optimal flow, without risk of cross connection. The perfect sealing is guaranteed for all on-board circuits thanks to their flat-face non-spill technology. Whether it be high voltage and high power circuits, thermal stresses, mechanical stresses (up to 1 Million connection cycles), important temperature variations, vibrations or impacts. Stäubli solutions are designed to keep their performances even in the most extreme conditions.

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BSA & Stäubli

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BSA has been distributing Stäubli products for years. We visit race and test weekends together to offer teams on-site service.

To support our clients with the latest knowledge on connectors and fuelling, the BSA experts receive Stäubli product training annually.