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Used in practically every racing series around the globe, Paoli has a huge pool of knowledge and expertise when it comes to fast and secure wheel changes. The Wheelguns are used in F1, Nacar, WEC Teams and the like, to amateur racing Teams. With a wide variety of different guns and systems to choose from there is something for every need.

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Primarily using compressed air systems, the wide variety of highly customizable high torque wheel guns are the best in situations where time is of the essence. From the DP176 all the way up to the Hurricane, which produces torque in excess of 4300 Nm, these pneumatic wheel guns feel right at home in the top level motorsport pits around the globe.

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While compressed air systems are still the norm when it comes to in-race pit stops, new cordless electric systems are becoming a viable option too. Commonly used in non race-situations, these wheelguns are capable of producing up to 1100 Nm as well. For this reason they are standard equipment for many teams and are increasingly seen at critical pit stops as well. Paoli is using their existing know-how in this specialized field to ensure the best product for the application with this new technologie.

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Paoli Wheelgun

BSA has personel that is schooled with and by Paoli in Italy. For this reason BSA is authorized to repair and revise these highly demanded tools. Frequently seen at factory tours throughout the year, BSA and Paoli work together to include feedback from the teams at the racetracks. BSA is proudly an official distributor and Partner of Dino Paoli Srl.

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