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PAGID Racing brake pads win championships all over the world in many different race categories. They are produced using the most modern technical procedures. PAGID Racing‘s uncompromising production requirements provide consistent quality at the highest level.

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Brake Pads


Pagid Racing has made it´s name as a race brake system manufacturer. Mainly known for their brake pads, Pagid also offers race brake discs and fluids. Their range of pads is categorized in different colours depending on their different use cases.

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From the green Karting pads (K), light blue historic (RSH) to three different race brake pad categories: The yellow RSL mixtures are specifically engineered for Endurance racing, while red RST are made for ultra-short sprint races. The blue RS are allround race brake pads. The Black RSC are specifically for Track Day use on Carbon Ceramic brake discs. Each Type of pad Comes in a selection of different mixtures, ranging from very aggressive to a milder variety. Also in their product line are pads for high-end OEM manufacturers, like Bugatti or Ferrari.

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Brake pads

BSA proudly distributes Pagid Racing brake pads to racing teams at the race tracks. Whether it is demanded by the racing series or free to choose, Pagid Racing brake pads have the right mixture for your car.