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Innovation is also at

service of beauty

Thus the sharp and rational lines of a braking system that wins the Golden Compass, the Italian Oscar of design, or the daring use of colour on the calipers to create new status symbols.

But Brembo innovation also lies in the search for ideal comfort through solutions capable of reducing braking noise, vibrations and roughness. At Brembo innovation never stops and today the new frontier of innovation for Brembo is „Brake by wire“ and Mechatronics which brings different disciplines into close collaboration such as mechanics, electronics and information technology to create the brakes for the cars of the future.

Brembo GT Kits


BMW | Audi | VW | Mercedes | Nissan | Mazda | ...

Designed both on and for the track, the GT-Kit series is a highly optimised brake system for the top end of high performance street cars. Realized by the Brembo Racing department and specifically engineered for every model of car that receives the option, the kits are a drop-in replacement for the standard brakes. Available in different levels and drilled or slotted variants, for the best performance under braking Brembo Racing seeks to bring a road-going variant of their race brakes without altering any power or performance. BSA is your partner in deciding for the right GT-Kit, how to fit them and is authorized to service them in-house down the road, along with the other Race brake systems. For non-street use, Brembo Racing has also envisioned the Pista Brake Kit. Available for select cars, this brake is for Track-Days only.

For Brembo beauty is a value


Brembo gives their products form and meaning , guided by constant design and innovation. Because beauty comes by itself when you use the right materials and shapes. Brembo is the only parts company to have received the ADI Golden Compass Award, the oldest but, more importantly, the most authoritative global design award.

Brembo Ferrari Brake
Brembo Maserati Brake


The chequered flag always waves for Brembo


It may be the fastest track in the world or an unpredictable provincial rally track. Wherever the rumble of an engine can be heard and there is a driver, poised and focused with sights set on crossing under the wire ahead of the rest, Brembo is sure to be there.

In fact, for more than 40 years now Brembo brakes have equipped cars and bikes that aspire to victory, 40 years of success in every motorsport competition and all over the world.

Brembo History

A million kilometres for perfect braking.


A perfect product is a product that has past the strictest tests in every condition of use. This is why every year Brembo conducts more than 150 tests on the track and covers a million kilometers in road tests to ensure the highest possible quality of its products. In fact, every year Brembo dedicates about 350,000 man hours at the test bench and about 200,000 man hours on road tests.



Ten, twenty, one hundred patents registered? Brembo is on a different level: from its foundation, just over fifty years ago, Brembo has registered more than 400 families of patents thus far, fundamental in defending the technological leadership acquired over the years.

This propensity for innovation and the excellent results achieved are not due to chance or fortuitous intuitions.

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